How do I found a company in Germany? How do I get funding?

Especially in the phase before you register your freelance activity or your trade, there is the possibility to receive support. If you have worked in Germany as an employee and receive unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld I), you have the opportunity to receive free support from a consultant before you start your business. Ask your clerk for a so-called AVGS voucher,  registered consultants will help you to realize your idea. You can apply for the start-up subsidy at the employment agency, if you are still entitled to unemployment benefit  for 150 days, then you will receive the amount you received as unemployment benefit  for your personal expenses and plus 300€ for the health insurance for 6 months.

 To apply for the start-up grant you must prepare the following documents:

- Business and financial plan

- Proof of commercial and technical skills in the area in which you want to found a business

- curriculum vitae

- Certificates, degrees

- Expert opinion (assessment of your idea after you have prepared the business and financial plan)

- You will receive an application for a start-up subsidy from your clerk.

 Templates for a business and financial plan can be obtained from liveplan, the IHK or the Businessplan Wettbewerb Berlin Brandenburg. As a start you could create a business canvas of your idea to define first steps more clearly. The TED Talk by Simon Sinnek "Ask Why" is a great inspiration for the realization of your idea.

Four points are important for the start:

1. What is your mindset like? Are you convinced or do you have doubts? Many of our problems come from the lack of self-love, can you say "I love you" in the mirror - how does it feel?

2. What the goal, why do you want to become independent - answer your why

3. Find a structure to realize your idea:

a.         Where can you start, what is easy for you to describe?

b.         Which topics are essential for your success?

c.         What would be nice, when it is implemented, but does not have to be?

 In the personality model pp3 there are three characters, the red awakening, who takes care of everything without thinking much about the risks. The blue structure type who likes to reach 120% and thereby misses chances and the green one, the one who discusses everything again and can hardly decide. Where do you find yourself , what are your strengths - where do you have potential?

4. Continuing even if it becomes difficult

Questions that arise or others ask. Can you answer them? No, write them down, think about them, are they important? Do others understand your idea? Can you explain it in 60 seconds?

 Watch the video of goalcoach smile. Whenever it gets difficult smile for 2 minutes even if you don't feel like it, the body gets the signal we are fine and actually it gets better, your mood develops from rain to sun.


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