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for setting up a business in Berlin

What you need is a good idea, creativity and the will to succeed. I will help you to write a business plan, develop your brand
answer all your questions surrounding founding a company in Germany, for e.g. how to apply for the Gründungszuschuss.
If you are registered at the Arbeitsagentur you might get a voucher  - free consulting to work with me - AVGS Gutschein.


See for yourself

  • Group Course Three Weeks everyday special
  • Get connected to the energy you want to be in your business
  • Develop your offer
  • Mission of your idea is an important foundation
  • Every day from 17-18 pm clock online

See for yourself special - Group Course

  • Three Weeks everyday special
  • Get connected to the energy you want to be in your business
  • Develop your offer
  • Mission of your idea is an important foundation
  • Start Monday - Every day from 17-18 pm o´clock online


699,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit

Businessplan and Financetabel Workshop for Workvisa or Gründungszuschuss


You need a business and financial plan to apply for the start-up grant or to get a work visa. Take advantage of the workshop and get started. Four coaching sessions and good documentation will guide you through the process, you can ask questions and present your ideas. Exchange and inspiration for your idea.

4 Fours sessions each give you 2 hours to develop your idea, ask questions and prepare the documents.






699,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit

How to apply for the Gründungszuschuss

Please note that you need to ask your caseworker about the spezific details of your case. We explain the generale terms of the process.

  1. You need to be registered with the arbeitsagentur
  2. 150 days before your ALG I is ending, you need to apply for the Gründungszuschuss
  3. Applying means that you are handing in the application documents and your business- and financeplan, the Stellungnahme and the registration with the tax office (Finanzamt) or trade office (Gewerbeamt).
  4. Stellungnahme is the proof of concept, written by an expert that you are able to make a living out of your business idea.
  5. To apply and prepare your business, you can ask for an avgs voucher, wich gives you the opportunity to develop your idea, calculate the prices, learn more about the german tax system all for free. 100% free consultation, because of the voucher. We can halp you to apply for it.

Our Process

Recipe for Success

About CSC

Have questions?

Business Idea

An idea is great, but the flower should bloom. Your job as a new entrepreneur is to think about every aspect of your business. Come up with answers to every question a stranger might ask you. For example, the following:

  • Describe your product/service.
  • What problems are you solving with your product/service?
  • Who is the target market for the product/service? What could go wrong?
  • What is your unique selling point compared with other companies?

We will help you to answer these questions and more.

Business Plan

The main parts of a business plan include the executive summary, a company description a market analysis the company's structure, a description of the service or product line, the marketing and sales strategy, financial plan.

Templates for a business plan and financial overview are available here.

Get Financed

Getting a voucher from the Arbeitsagentur to prove your idea is one way to take advantage of our knowledge. We can  invoice the Arbeitsagentur. We will work together for free, if you have an voucher from the Arbeitsagentur.

Applying for a loan from a bank such as the KFW, gives you the possibility to grow your business. We can support you with the application.

You may even be entitled to a 50% subsidy towards new business consultancy through the BAFA, where we are listed.


What are the key tasks that need to be done? What needs to updated and who needs to know about it? Check out the competition, employees, investors and peers to help you decide what new goals need to be set and what needs to happen to be successful going forward.

  • Search for companies who have a style you like or admire, check what they do. On the other hand, find corporate identities that you don’t identify with, in order to figure out what you DON’T want.
  • Launch your marketing campaigns - Check what is useful for your business: Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google+, and LinkedIn page for your business, depending on the appropriate social media channel for your company.
  • Decide on colours, create a logo and use these to create your business cards, letterhead and email signatures.
  • Keep on top of your bookkeeping
  • Not setting up proper accounting, bookkeeping and tax records up front can be dangerous and costly to a business in the long run. Hire an accountant for your business who can ensure that taxes are done correctly.
  • Use your financial planning for your controlling. Compare revenue in your plan with regular revenue.
  • Create a to-do list
  • Create a list of regular tasks and schedule them on a project management dashboard or an online to-do list which lets someone list a task’s due date and then it regularly appears on a daily task list.

This ensures you will continue the regular homework of the business so it runs smoothly.

Formulate future goals.

Founding your Business - Your Recipe for Success


Franchise/ Licencing partner/ Own idea? Which steps have you already taken to prove that your idea will be accepted by the market?

  • Financing
  • Self-financed / Borrowed capital
  • Financial support that fits with your proposition
  • Create a finance plan and learn how to use your financial controlling tool
  • Personality
  • What knowledge and skills do you have in the industry in which you plan to start your business?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?


  • Which steps are required and when
  • Preparation for bank interview

There is much on offer in terms of support for entrepreneurs or new business founders but which steps need to be taken and in which order? We can help you get on track towards your business goals and help you locate and choose appropriate financing for your future business.

The quality of your business plan is important for convincing others of your concept. The business plan also offers you an overview of business goals and tasks and keeps you on track in the first months regarding your planned income vs your actual income.

You have the possibility to use different methods to develop your idea and a financial controlling tool is an elementary part of your success. We can support you in creating your business plan and train you in the analysis of these figures.

About me

Working for the Berlin Chamber of Commerce in Berlin and Investment Bank of Berlin gave me the interesting insights into what is needed to set up a successful business. As an economist with a background in financial controlling and quality management, I possess the skills and knowledge to be able to offer a comprehensive service supporting new business founders and entrepreneurs.



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