Start your Business with the Gründungszuschuss

You want to set up a business in Berlin. We can help you to apply for the funding and write an businessplan and financetabel.
Under certain conditions the Arbeitsagentur can support your step into self-employment financially with a start-up grant.

The most important conditions for a subsidy

  • You are self-employed full-time and thus end your unemployment.
  • You are still entitled to unemployment benefit for at least 150 days  when you start self-employment.
  • you work less than 15 hour a week partime as a freelancer

Start up grant from the Arbeitsagentur

  • You will initially receive a start-up grant for 6 months. How much subsidy you receive depends on the amount of your unemployment benefit.
  • Start-up subsidy per month = amount of the last unemployment benefit received + 300 Euro
  • After half a year you can receive 300 Euro for another 9 months. For this you must prove that you are self-employed full-time.

Start up grants and loans

  • different EU Fundings are possible before you founded your business, please get in touch to discuss what you need
  • AVGS Voucher for free business consulting, we can help you to apply for the voucher. With the voucher we can help you to apply for the Gründungszuschuss, write a businessplan and a finacetabel for free.


Please  choose between the differnet options and learn more about free consulting with an voucher from the Arbeitsagentur and other fundings

How to apply for the Gründungszuschuss

What steps are needed to get the funding, how to apply for loans. It is important that you first submit applications for funding before  setting up your business. If you do so, you may no longer be eligible for funding. Starting you business already means handing in the Tax office registration or Gewerbeanmeldung, signing contracts for an office and other things you might not be aware of.

You need help with your business-  and financeplan

You wrote your business plan, put together the idea and now you need somebody to give you feedback and help you finish it. Then choose this module. Together we’ll work on your businessplan and on your financeplan. You’ll receive a step by step explanation on how to become successful. This will enable you to know who your customers are and to set up a financialplan. This offer includes 8 hours consulting. This offer is limited.

Free Consulting for Gründungs-zuschuss - applikation

For the application for the Gründungszuschuss you need a business and financial plan, we support you with the creation, planning of your self-employment and with the application. The consultation is free of charge if you have an AVGS -  Voucher. Please contact us and we will help you to get this voucher.